Become a Petfluencer

Yes, you can register up to three animals under one account. In step 2, at the bottom of the page, you will find a button with a + symbol. There you can simply enter the data of the second or, after that, even the data of the third four-legged friend and everything is managed under a single account.

Currently, only dogs, cats and horses can be registered.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. In this case, we kindly ask you to create an account for both animals on the separate registration pages. You can even use the same e-mail address for both accounts. However, you can write information like this in the free text fields as well.

If you have two different accounts on the same platform, they need to be registered separately. The e-mail addresses may not be the same.

Your data will be stored in our database, treated confidentially and will not be passed on without first gaining your permission (see data privacy regulation).

Yes, all data entered by you during registration can be edited and changed in your profile after logging in, if necessary.

As soon as the registration is completed, we will check your account. If all details have been provided correctly, we will confirm this by e-mail.

If your profile is stored in our database, we will contact you for suitable campaigns, competitions or draws.

If you no longer wish to be part of our database, please send us a message to from your registered email address. We will then deactivate your account as soon as possible.

Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory fields and are required for registration. All other fields are optional. However, to find the best possible cooperation partners, it helps to know as much as possible about your four-legged friend.

The small question marks at some fields provide additional information to help you fill out the (free text) fields. Simply move your mouse across the symbol and gain more information about this field.

The optimal dimensions for your profile picture are 200px x 200px. The dimensions correspond to those of an Instagram image. If you don’t have such a picture handy, the system will automatically adjust the dimensions. Important, though: it may not be larger than 1 MB.

We are happy to help with any problems you might have at

Become a Petfluencer