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A Panini album with 200 animal internet stars! "Swap Hamilton the hipster cat for Mr Pokee - and do you happen to have alpaca moments twice?" - this is how animal lovers throughout Germany will soon be communicating with one another. We worked on the album for a year, from the initial idea to the final product. From mid-March 2021, the time will finally have come: the Petfluencer Panini album and stickers will be available in Germany.

Panini stickers are legendary: collecting, swapping, pasting is part of every World Cup. However, in the latest Panini album, the stars won't be Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. Rather, they go by the name of smoothiethecat, Crusoe Dachshund or bengalen mauzi leo.

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Panini Album

Petfluencers have deserved it

We've been working with Petfluencers from across the globe every day for almost three years and, time and again, they've amazed us with their great content. That's why we've immortalised 200 of these animal internet stars in the world's first Petfluencer Panini album - although selecting them was a real challenge for us. To do justice to them all, we actually would have had to publish several albums. The final product is an album in which most of the stickers show cats, dogs or horses. However, there are also birds, rodents and exotic animals such as white-bellied hedgehogs, domestic pigs, or even a stag beetle.



We wish you lots of fun collecting and pasting in stickers

We developed the album together with the Hamburg media agency Juststickit!, which has already published more than 50 Panini albums. We wish you lots of fun collecting and pasting in stickers.

Do you have the same stickers more than once and would like to swap these? You can find like-minded people on Instagram under the hashtags #petfluencer2021 and #paninipetfluencer.

We also look forward to your feedback on the album.
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